Samsung Galaxy M33: Specifications, Price, Reviews, And A Budget Delight

Review of the Samsung Galaxy M33 smartphone- The Samsung Galaxy M33 is a great mid-range phone and will be available in India for the first time in March 2022. The phone comes after the Samsung Galaxy M32, which came out last year. But this time, the company came up with features and specs that were very exciting. Even though it’s good news that the phone came out everywhere.

The Samsung Galaxy M33 smartphone looks pretty good for a mid-range phone, but that doesn’t mean it has top-of-the-line features. During this review, you will see that the company has taken shortcuts to make the price more appealing to buyers. So, let’s look at an in-depth study of the Samsung Galaxy M33 smartphone to see if it’s worth the price.

Samsung Galaxy M33

Design and Display

The camera module on the Samsung Galaxy M33 is shaped like a squircle, and the fingerprint scanner is on the side. Even if the back of the phone has a fancy design, the matte finish gives it an edge over other phones in the same price range. This device can be bought in three colors: green, blue, and brown.

Each color choice looks pretty good, but if you want something that stands out, the Brown color is a good choice. The Green and Blue colors also look nice. You can pick the person who best fits your needs. On the other hand, the phone seems to be a little bit bigger and thicker than a regular phone. When it comes to weight, the international version has a body that weighs 198g.

The Indian version weighs 215 grams because the battery unit inside the phone is more prominent. Let’s now move the part of the screen. The Samsung Galaxy M33 has a 6.6-inch TFT LCD screen, just like the Samsung Galaxy F23. You also get advanced 120Hz refresh rate support and Corning glass protection, making the whole screen experience great.

Internal Memory

The hardware in Samsung phones is always top-notch, and the phones never disappoint their users. But at the same time, they aren’t made for hard-core gaming, which won’t bother you much if you don’t use them a lot. Under the hood of the Galaxy M33 is a 5nm-based Exynos 1280 chipset. So, users don’t have any trouble with any process they run.

As for the graphics unit, the phone has a Mali-G68 GPU that makes playing games a bit better, but you can’t play games like BGIM and Call of Duty at the highest resolution settings. But it’s still good news that the company’s latest Android 12 comes with great One UI 4.1 features right out of the box. Even though the operating system comes with some useless apps, they are easy to get rid of.

In terms of internal storage and RAM, you can choose between 128GB of space and 6GB to 8GB of RAM. Both combinations are great for the needs of most users. With this, you can put your favorite media files exactly where you want them without running out of space. Also, a dedicated MicroSD slot lets you add more storage.


The Samsung Galaxy M33 smartphone has a good enough camera for a mid-range phone, but it doesn’t do anything special or out of the ordinary. The phone uses the same AI technology as the Samsung Galaxy F23, so the quality of the photos is the same. You might notice dynamic range in the images taken during the day, but it wasn’t there in the pictures taken at night.

Even with the night mode on, you will still hear a noise. Still, the 50MP primary lens gives excellent images with vivid colors and high saturation. The 5MP ultra-wide lens is also up to par and offers better results than average. But the terrible combination of 2MP macro and 2MP depth makes the real-time shot almost useless.

The 8MP front-facing camera on the Samsung Galaxy M33 could have been better. Still, it’s good to know that the results of the daylight photos won’t disappoint you. Other than that, everything seems dull and forced. The primary camera can record up to 4K video, and the selfie camera can record up to 1080p video. But the software to stabilize videos is still not there.

Battery and Others

Regarding the battery, the international version comes with a Li-Ion 5000 mAh battery, while the Indian version has a Li-Ion 6000 mAh battery. Both phones’ batteries may be made of the same material, but the Indian version of the Galaxy M33 will have a slightly longer screen time. In terms of charging, the phone can handle both fast charging at 25W and charging in the opposite direction.

But, just like the Samsung Galaxy F23, the company also took the charger out of the box. But it’s good that you have a lot of help with communications and sensors. Now, let’s talk about how much the Samsung Galaxy M33 costs. It starts at about $235 (Rs. 17,999 in India).


There’s no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy M33 is one of the best semi-phones of 2022. It’s an excellent phone for the price. Still, we can’t ignore the problems with this phone. You might be disappointed if you use this device a lot and are looking for an excellent camera.