Google Pixel 7: Rumors About Its Release Date, Price, Features, And Leaks

In the fall of 2022, there will be two versions of the Google Pixel 7: a cheaper and smaller Pixel 7 and a more expensive and bigger Pixel 7 Pro. The two new Pixel 7 models briefly appeared at the Google I/O developer conference. They had a familiar but more refined look. Google has also hinted that the new phones will be powered by a brand-new version of its Tensor chip.

Google Pixel 7

In this article, we round up all of the latest news, leaks, and rumors about the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro to give you a complete picture of what they offer. If you’re interested in the Pixel 7 family of phones, bookmark this page and check back often to see the latest information about expected prices, release dates, and other news about the phones.

Google Pixel 7: News About The Release Date

The Pixel 7 probably won’t come out for a long time. Google usually doesn’t release new phones until the fall. We haven’t heard anything official about when the Pixel 7 family might be shown off, but if you believe Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Advisors (and one of the most trusted smartphone tipsters around).
The displays for the eagerly awaited Google Pixel 7 may come out one month earlier than they did for the Pixel 6 last year. This means that we may see it in September instead of October, which could be very close to the launch of the iPhone 14.

Google Pixel 7: Price Rumors

Again, it’s a little early to talk about the price of the Google Pixel 7 since that’s usually one of the last things to come out about a phone. But we can make a good guess based on what Google has done in the past.
The Pixel 6 starts at £599 ($599, AU$999), and the Pixel 6 Pro starts at £849 ($899, AU$1299). The Pixel 6a, which begins at £399 ($449, AU$749), is even cheaper than the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. This is a continuation of Google’s aggressive pricing strategy, which started with the Pixel 5 line.
People feared that Google would raise the price of the Pixel 6 because it was marketed as a high-end device, but that didn’t happen. Unless there are significant changes to the design or specs, which the leaks haven’t shown, we expect the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro to cost about the same as their predecessors.

Google Pixel 7: Specification Rumors

We also have some specs from Google that we can rely on. The Pixel 7 will have two cameras, while the Pixel 7 Pro will have three. This is likely to be the same type of camera setup as the Pixel 6 series, with comprehensive and ultra-wide options on the standard model and a telephoto lens on the Pro model.
Google’s next-generation Tensor system on a fragment will be used again. This time, Google says it will have even more AI-driven performance improvements, new features, and improvements to photography and video. Google’s latest Android 13 software will come with the Pixel 7 phones. This was also announced at the same I/O event where the phones were teased.
google pixel 7
google pixel 7 specifications
According to GSMArena (opens in new tab), the Pixel 7 will have a diagonal screen size of between 6.2 and 6.4 inches (the Pixel 6 has a 6.4-inch screen). Ross Young says that the standard Pixel 7 will have a 6.3-inch screen, which backs up this rumor.
If the Pixel 7 ends up being smaller than the Pixel 6, a smaller screen will make sense. However, Google might have figured out a way to shrink the bezels and maintain the screen the same size in a smaller space. All of these mockups and predictions agree that the device will still have a hole in the top middle of the screen for the selfie camera.
The screens on the Pixel 7 family could be almost the same as those on the Pixel 6 family. According to a report, the display drivers for the Pixel 7 phones have been found, and it looks like the same Samsung screens could be used.
There are rumors that the Pixel 7 will have a camera setup similar to the Pixel 6, with two cameras on the back. The primary sensor may stay at 50 megapixels, and the front-facing camera may remain at 8 megapixels.
But inside, everything could be different. According to rumors, Google might have a new Tensor chipset that gives it more power than the Pixel 6 family. It may also have a larger battery, with 5000mAh (compared to 4614mAh on the Pixel 6). That is the same as what the Pixel 6 Pro can hold. It may also have a 512GB storage option, in addition to the 128GB and 256GB ones already available.
People say that Google is making another Pixel phone. Another display driver with the same 120Hz refresh rate and QHD resolution as the Pixel 6 Pro has been found (and supposedly the Pixel 7 Pro too). What’s different? This screen is made by a Chinese company called BOE, which has made parts for Apple in the past. Google might be working on another Pixel phone. We’ll keep a close eye on this.

First thoughts on the new Google Pixel 7

Google has given us some information, but it’s not much. We don’t know enough about the phone’s size, camera and screen resolutions, processing power, and other details. This makes sense since the launch date is still a long way off and a lot can change based on how the market moves, how much parts cost, etc.
All in all, though, the Pixel 7 seems to be a solid, if unremarkable, step up from the Pixel 6. Still, the best thing about a Google phone is its special software tricks, but we haven’t heard anything about it yet. You can be sure that the big G has some tricks.