Apple Watch Series 8 Rumors, Specifications, And Features

Apple’s next smartwatch probably won’t come out until later in 2022, around the same time as the iPhone 14 range. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t guess what we’d like to see. Here’s what we know about the Apple Watch Series 8 and what we want it to have.

Apple Watch Series 8
Apple Watch Series 8

What will Apple’s next Watch be called?

Apple didn’t change how the Watch was named as it did with the iPhone. Since the Apple Watch Series 1 came after the first Apple Watch, the company has used numbers that go in order every year.

So, it’s likely that the Watch Apple makes in 2022 will be called the Apple Watch Series 8, coming after the Apple Watch Series 7 in 2021. The Watch SE came out in 2020, but there was no follow-up in 2021, so the mid-range smartwatch may also get a new model.

In March 2022, a new version of the iPhone SE, called the iPhone SE (2022), came out. However, there was no sign of a new Watch SE at the event. There has also been talking of a Watch for extreme sports so that we may see three versions of the Apple Watch in 2022.

Apple’s watch IOS nine will probably be shown off at the company’s developer conference, which usually happens in June, and will run on the new Watch or watches.

Release date of Apple Watch Series 8

Every year, Apple usually releases a new iPhone in September, and the next version of the Watch is traditionally announced simultaneously.

At an event on September 14, Apple announced the iPhone 13 range and the Apple Watch Series 7 for 2021. Even though 2020 wasn’t exactly “normal,” the Apple Watch Series 6 and Watch SE came out before the iPhone 12 series on September 15, 2020, so September is usually the month to mark on your calendar.

Based on previous years, we’d put September 13, 2022, in very light pencil for now. We won’t know for a while since invitations will not likely come out until early September 2022. The Apple Watch Series 7 costs between $399 and £379. We would expect the Series 8 to be around the same price.

Design of the Apple Watch Series 8

The display on the Apple Watch Series 4 changed a lot, and the Series 5, Series 6, and Watch SE all have the same design. Style and shape are mostly the same as the first Watch, but there is a lot more screen space in the same size. The Series 7 made the screen even more significant, and the case options went from 41mm and 45mm to 40mm and 44mm, but the overall design didn’t change.

So, the Series 8 may have more significant design changes, like the flat edges that were supposed to come with the Series 7 but didn’t, and maybe a third size option, as rumors have said.

The Apple Watch would look like other Apple products with flat edges, like the iPhone 13 series, the new iMac, and the more expensive iPads. Since its first release, the Apple Watch has had the same shape. The flat edges would let it keep this shape while also giving it a new look. There have also been rumors about a side button that responds to pressure.

What we desire and anticipate on the new Apple Watch

We’d like to see more health and fitness features, like more running functions, to compete with Garmin. Garmin also lets users share their runs or other activities, so it wouldn’t surprise us if Apple learned something from this.

We’d love to perceive something like Garmin’s Body Battery on the Apple Watch, but we don’t think it will happen for Series 8, even though rumors point to significant improvements on the activity side. We’d also like to see the Series 8’s battery improve so it’s on par with other smartwatches like the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

We’d also like to see more sleep tracking and roaming on Series 8. As part of watchOS 7, Apple added sleep tracking. This means that even older Apple Watches can use it, but it isn’t as detailed as other devices on the market.

If the Series 8 had more hardware, it might be able to compete with the Fitbit and Garmin. Other things that could be added are bright straps, third-party support for watch faces, a camera and Face ID, or an under-display fingerprint sensor.

However, we think that the last two are more wishful thinking than natural additions because there isn’t enough room for the sensors. There has been talking of a body temperature sensor for the Series 8 and other sensors like blood pressure, but some of them might not be ready for a while.

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What’s new with the Apple Watch Series 8 rumors?

Here are all the rumors and news about future Apple Watches that we know so far.

May 3, 2022: According to analysts, the Apple Watch Series 8 will feature body temperature.

Ming Chi-Kuo thinks the Apple Watch Series 8 could have a sensor for measuring body temperature, but the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 might not.

April 13, 2022: Apple is working on an updated Health app and a body temperature sensor for Apple Watch.

Bloomberg said that Apple is still working on a body temperature sensor and a blood pressure monitor for the Apple Watch.